Girl doing yoga

Why Yoga?

The practices of yoga were developed in India thousands of years ago. Yoga is more than just physical exercise, though the poses are a great complement to aerobic and resistance exercise. The word yoga means union, and the practices unite body, mind, and heart. Hatha yoga, the variety I teach, includes physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and mental concentration, the basis for both relaxation and meditation.

The lotus is symbolic in yoga. It must grow through mud and dirty pond water, yet emerges above the surface and unfolds into remarkable beauty. We should aspire to live like the lotus. The lotus flower lives unsoiled by its surroundings and blooms into its full potential, fully grounded in earth, yet always reaching toward the light. 

I am Phyllis Haney, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher. I teach group yoga classes in Old Town Alexandria, as well as corporate classes and customized individual yoga sessions throughout Northern Virginia.

My motto and guiding principle is "Wear a smile inside and out with yoga!" I encourage students to have fun while developing strength in body, peace in mind, and love in heart. 

Please join me to experience the joy, inner peace, and healing that yoga can bring.