Among its many benefits are:

  • Increased body and breath awareness;
  • Increased mindfulness of emotions;
  • Portability - available anytime and anywhere you choose to use it;
  • Improved functioning of respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and hormonal systems;
  • Releasing physical tension, reducing muscle strain and chronic pain;
  • Reducing anxiety and stress by calming the sympathetic nervous system (responsible for "stress response") while activating the parasympathetic branch and "relaxation response";
  • Elevating and balancing mood and creating a sense of well-being;
  • Addressing the underlying cause of symptoms, rather than just treating physical symptoms;
  • Providing an empowering set of tools for self-management of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms; and
  • Being natural, safe, and drug-free.

Yoga is for everybody! Yoga has something for everyone, regardless of where that person is in the present moment. Its various practices can all be modified to suit your individual needs and lead to a strong and flexible body, a clear mind, and stable emotions.